The evolution of lead Generation
in the Automotive Industry!


Supercharge your leads with Allan, our autobot. The revolutionary online dealership experience that seamlessly automates
your customers journey through sales, finance, service and much more.

Lightning Fast

Connect and take care of your customers in seconds by allowing Allan to assist you with our lightning-fast response time
and user-friendly layout to secure new high quality chat leads.

Extremely Lightweight

Allan is the lightest Automotive Chatbot tool in the industry. This design allows for a quicker load time so you can connect with
your customers faster without impacting your website’s performance.

Stock Integration

Allan our Autobot stands out as the most lightweight automotive chatbot tool available. The streamlined design ensures faster
loading times, this enables quicker connections with customers while maintaining the performance of your website.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Allan seamlessly integrates with Facebook's pixel, offering enhanced insights into your social media campaign performance.
This integration sharpens your understanding, helping to refine and improve your digital marketing strategies for more effective results.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

Get clear tracking and insights into Allan’s performance and how your customers interact within
the chat with Google Analytics event tracking.

Entirely Automated

Allan is a 100% automated chatbot solution that provides your customers with lightning-fast support 24/7
to keep your customers satisfied outside of business hours.